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Though long engagements have traditionally been considered the standard, more couples are now turning to shorter engagements. But why is not waiting all the rage? Turns out, there are some excellent reasons for a quick stroll down the aisle!
It Keeps the Excitement Alive:
You’re engaged and you’re excited! Unfortunately, the stress of planning a wedding can eclipse that excitement. This is especially true in regards to long engagements. Many brides can lose sight of their big day; after planning for months on end, they find the end result has lost its shine. Short engagements don’t have time to lose momentum. The walk down the aisle is always steps away. Though this can be stressful, it’s equally exciting.
You Have Less Time to Stress:
Contrary to popular belief, allowing yourself more time to plan your wedding doesn’t necessarily alleviate stress. In many cases, it offers brides the opportunity to obsess. And obsession can lead even the most mild-mannered among us into bridezilla territory. Brides who opt for a short engagement don’t have the luxury of obsessing. They are forced to focus on the important aspects of their wedding,. 
It Limits Change:
The longer the engagement, the more time you have to change your mind (not necessarily about the groom but about everything else). Perhaps, you’ll cave to prolonged family pressure. Maybe you’ll discover your dream design is so last-season. In the end, you might find yourself leagues away from the wedding you envisioned. Due to the time constraint, brides planning on a tight timeline tend to be more decisive. They avoid the unnecessary work and costs associated with an ever-changing wedding and find it much easier to stay true to their desires.
Better Use of Your Budget:
When your nuptials are weeks away, you’ve undoubtedly established a clear picture of you want. And for brides working on a limited timetable, this clarity ensures every item they purchase has its place in the wedding. Short engagements rarely allow the excess that render countless items useless. How many long-engagement couples can make such a boast?
The End Result:
From the moment you said "yes," you’ve been waiting for the chance to say "I do."
Which begs the question: Why wait? If you’re truly ready to be married, the engagement is merely the planning stage. It can be as short as you like. For many eager brides, the short engagement offers a form of instant gratification. The knowledge that after a brief period, they’ll finally be able to start their life as Mr. and Mrs. Married. 
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